Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Rented Sewer Inspection Camera

If you are tired of your home's plumbing backing up and have decided to rent a sewer inspection camera to see what the problem is, then follow these tips to avoid damaging it:

Tip: Always Auger Out Sewer Pipes Before Placing Cameras Into Them

One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make when using sewer inspection cameras for the first time is not augering out the pipes before trying to see inside of them. Sewer cameras are not designed to clean out the pipe ahead of themselves and when used in this manner will break. Instead, take the time to thoroughly auger out the pipes you want to inspect. This will also make finding cracks and breaks easier.  

Tip: Sit or Squat Near Your Plumbing Access to Protect the Push Rod

When you are feeding the inspection camera's push rod into your plumbing's clean out pipe, it is important you sit or squat near the opening. While you might prefer to stand so you don't have to get your face near the sewage, pushing down the push rod with your hand so far above the hole will bend and damage it. To protect the camera on the end, you need to slowly push the push rod into the plumbing with your hand located as close to the plumbing's opening as possible.

Tip: Don't Cut Through Pipes for Repairs Until You Have Removed the Rented Sewer Camera

If using the sewer inspection camera has shown you that there is a break in your home's sewer main, then it is vital you remove the camera from the pipe before you make the repair. If you do not pull the camera and its fiber-optic cable completely out of the pipe, then it could become cut or damaged as you work on the plumbing.

As soon as you remove the camera from your plumbing, you must wash it off with soapy water. If you lay the camera on the lawn to deal with after you repair the pipe, then you will end up with dried sewage stuck to it and the cleaning job will be a lot more work.

Tip: Inform the Equipment Rental Agent if You Accidentally Damage Their Equipment

Finally, it is important to note that accidents do happen - even to rented equipment! If you have some sort of mishap and damage the rented sewer inspection camera, then be a responsible adult and own up to the issue. By letting the rental agent know there is a problem with their camera and telling them exactly what happened to cause it, you can help them more easily and less expensively repair the equipment. 

Contact a pipe camera rental company for more information and assistance.