10 Effective Steps To Total Home Automation: What Are You Waiting For?

Whether of not you have a strong opinion about the safety of robots entering society, such as the ongoing dispute between tech moguls Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, you likely have a thirst for current home automation, where everything from your lights and stereo to thermostat and security are centrally controlled by a single hub. The future is now, and the technology is within the average consumer's reach, so don't put this goal off any longer.

Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Rented Sewer Inspection Camera

If you are tired of your home's plumbing backing up and have decided to rent a sewer inspection camera to see what the problem is, then follow these tips to avoid damaging it: Tip: Always Auger Out Sewer Pipes Before Placing Cameras Into Them One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make when using sewer inspection cameras for the first time is not augering out the pipes before trying to see inside of them.